A custom runabout designed and built by The Boatwright, Brad Rice.

The Boatwright

We offer boat designs that are efficient, functional, modern & attractive. Our focus is on creating boats that answer the needs of serious boatmen and women, weekend boaters, and all those who love the elegance of traditionally built wooden boats.

The Boatwright designs and builds custom wooden boats, as well as maintains and restores classics like an 1885 English Cutter, International Finns, Dragons, R-boats, Yankee One-Designs, El Toros, Blanchards and the Chester C-Class, to name a few.

Brad Rice, The Boatwright.

Brad Rice
The Boatwright
4785 East Harbor Road
Freeland, WA 98249
(206) 784-5077
boatshop visits, by appointment

Current Projects

Latest project: the Amazing Folding Boat! Check out the updated photo albums!