The Photo Gallery

The collections on this page are a glimpse into Brad Rice's diverse boatbuilding experience, over the decades. Slideshows include the Dungee Cruiser, Classic Racing Sailboats, The Boatshop, and more boats, boats, boats.

Dungee Cruiser

A Custom Wooden Boat
Dungee Cruiser, a custom wooden boat.
Dungee Cruiser, a custom wooden boat.
Dungee Cruiser, a custom wooden boat. Under construction.

The frames of the cabin roof are yellow cedar and mahogany. This will be covered with tongue and groove decking and a skin of fiberglass.

Dungee Cruiser, a custom wooden boat. Bow close up.

The Dungee Cruiser is the perfect getaway picnic boat for summers in Puget Sound. It will go from Seattle to Port Townsend in a little over an hour. There's a galley, head, and two bunks. You can beach it, or anchor in the shallowest spots to find privacy in popular anchorages. A great commuting boat or a fun way to see Desolation Sound.

Classic Wooden Sailboats

Racing Boats

Seattle's small craft maritime museum, The Center for Wooden Boats, chose The Boatwright to lead the two year structural restoration of the 1926 R-boat Pirate, now a National Historic Landmark Vessel.

This is Brad's own boat, Kate. It's a Rhodes Evergreen, No. 3.

The Boatwright worked on this sailboat about fifty years after this photo was taken of the Yankee One-Design, Venture, winning a race in San Francisco, 1962.

High performance sailboats that were built before fiberglass have delicate scantlings, yet often spent decades competing in rigorous conditions. And like all boats, they're still expected to perform safely in heavy weather. It's similar to repairing a delicate piece of antique furniture so someone can bash it in the waves all weekend. But more fun.

The Boatshop

The main bay, circa 2009. The larger boat on the right is a thirty-seven foot 1937 Chester C-class sailboat that came in for a total restoration. To the left is Myrtle, a 20' Southcoast sailboat with its deckhouse removed and hanging above. The nose of a Dragon is on the far left.

An International Dragon in the side bay, 2009.

Brad built this greenhouse near the boatshop. It's a great place to sit and relax when you've come to visit your boat in the shop.

The boatshop is on Whidbey Island, overlooking Holmes Harbor, and is conveniently accessible by inland water to the cities of Puget Sound. However, the Boatwright makes custom boats for clients worldwide.

Boats up to 36' can be hauled out at Freeland. Some vessels are delivered by truck and moved into position with a crane.

The shop has two interior bays and an overhead crane. There is both interior and exterior covered storage.

Boats, Boats, Boats...

The Frog Prince, an amazing folding boat

Currently in the boatshop, summer of 2014: This 52' folding boat was designed to cruise the canals in Europe. See the owner's blog for the details of this remarkable boat.

Myrtle was built in 1950 by the South Coast Co. in California. (South Coast also manufactured the old-school bronze winches that were once on so many boats of that era.) She's a 20' boat with a 35' mast, which could translate to a lot of fun.

An English Cutter from 1885. Brad rebuilt this boat in 1984 as part of his education at the International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) in Lowestoft, England.

Brad redesigned and rebuilt this hatch and skylight in 1984, while at boatbuilding school. The skylight and hatch had originally been built as separate units, so the open hatch was unsupported in places, which led to failure. Brad built them as one unit for strength and installed a monorail on the skylight to support the hatch when it slides over.

The lovely L'Hirondelle was built by the client's father, from plans in Popular Mechanics magazine. His daughter brought the sailboat to Brad for complete restoration. The boat was structurally sound so Brad added positive flotation, painted, varnished, and added the name.

This International Finn is another family boat that came in for a restoration. However, this boat had some hull problems, so the work included fixing the hull and deck. The Finn is an Olympic class boat, so the exterior was faired to perfection and painted glossy, for performance.

Brad Rice has designed, built, and restored a wide variety of wooden boats.

Brad also designed two Family Boatbuilding Kits, a 10' Union Bay Skiff, and a 8' Portage Bay Skiff. To date, about 600 families have built one of these sailing dinghies for themselves in weekend classes, at boat festivals, or in their garage. Call or email to purchase a kit for building your own rowboat.